Gardens Founded in 2001 - Home in 2002

Echinacea - Photo by Laura Davis

The garden began in 2001 with the help of Norm Erickson, a Northland Hospice volunteer, at the corner of Switzer Canyon Drive and Turquoise. At that time the home had not been completed but a beautiful sign was placed on the corner. Norm continued to work on the beds on the east side of the sidewalk along Switzer Canyon Drive and in front of the home, until 2008. The rest of the gardens were developed by a core of Coconino County Master Gardeners initially led by Laura Davis and since 2007 by Loni Shapiro.

The garden crew is active from April-October and sometimes in November weather permitting. Work happens weekly throughout the garden season on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. It also is scheduled for one Saturday a month from April through October. Cancellations due to weather will be posted by 6:00 am of the workday on this blog. You must attend a spring orientation to the garden and Northland Hospice & Palliative Care in order to work. A summary of the work that has been done is included on the blog. Look for weekly postings on this blog during the garden season.

Volunteering in the Garden

2015 Calendar

April 13, 11:30-1:30 Lunch and orientation for new volunteers at hospice and TB testing for all

April 16, 9:15-10 TB tests read and 10:00 garden orientation. First Thursday workday 9-12

April 20, First Monday workday 9-12

May 2, Saturday workday 9-12

If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Please note: TB testing is required annually for all garden volunteers.

If you have current TB results that were done by a physician or at a hospital, these may be submitted to Northland Hospice.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact the volunteer coordinator Kathy Simmons ( to schedule a time for testing and orientation.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

1st Meeting Minutes for 2013
Olivia White Garden
I.             Updates
                a.  2012 review
                     1.  Accomplishment for 2012 – see handout (posted on blog)
                     2.  Correspondence (Marge Erickson, Diana, Lois’s family, Warners, Bonito St. Garden)
Correspondence circulated for those who have not seen these previously.
                     3.  Hours for 2012.
Hours circulated for individual review. Summary for 2012 1456.5 and 101.5 for groups.
                     4.  Financial status for end of 2012.
Not received from the office prior to meeting. Will report when received.
                                                Recent donations/possible 2013 donations
Received 2 donations - one from Nancy Palmer's in-laws ($?), and $100 from Peggy Shelton-Scurlock. Our last bench donation has been received. Will arrive for the garden season. Dave Hill has expressed interest in helping us again this year. Maybe with the shed area?
                                                Leftovers from 2011
$2224.29 - after meeting with Diana last year
                b.  Volunteers and requirements for 2013
                     1.  Volunteers
Many of last years volunteers returning - some as drop ins. David Hockman is having back problems again and may not return. Christine Orr will be traveling all summer. We may see her in the fall but maybe not until 2014. Laura has a job at FMC - 1/2 time but working more so will be in the garden when she can. The Michael Moore garden will be part of our weekly work. Anyone who wants to work there regularly should brush up on native plants in the garden and spend a little time with Laura. Nancy will not be in the garden much this year. I have several new people interested in helping this year - Rebecca Davis from Hozhoni, Lynn Overend, and two people new to Flagststaff (not MGs).
                     2.  Review general orientation to garden handout
The general orientation to the garden has been updated to reflect changes for 2013. I will e-mail it to all - please read as a reminder and to see the changes.
                     3.  HIPAA
Errors made by Loni this past winter were discussed. All garden staff will have to do 3 activities for 2013 - read the information - take a quiz - and participate in a brief inservice by Megan. Loni will send out the 1st 2 parts by e-mail. Take the test and return to Megan.
                c.   Hodge Podge recently lost a long time volunteer – want to fund something for her (small
                      penstemon garden?)
Loni spoke with some Hodge Podge volunteers about a donation in the memory of a long time volunteer. Amount is undetermined as yet. Her idea was to add an area for hummingbirds in the north front bed that needs updating. It would include penstemons and a bird bath from the honorees home. All felt this was a good plan. It will be reviewed for NHPC staff at the next meeting and Loni will contact Hodge Podge.
                d.  Activities for 2013
         1.  Regular workdays 2 days a week – Monday & Thursday with 1 Saturday a month if
              help available. General garden upkeep (weeding, watering, planting, dead heading,
              compost, etc.). 
OK. Loni emphasized that Saturdays will not be included unless volunteers are willing to supervise.
         2.  Revise the corner garden (Turquoise & Switzer) after the FUTS trail completion.
              Plant the new inferno strip on Turquoise west of the new sidewalk. Scatter wildflower
              seeds along new pathway in the fall.
OK. Plan a meeting in March (14) when Linda Guarino returns from vacation. We will meet at the garden area to be done for planning. Linda has a map started for the corner and will get it to Loni in case she is not available.

3-6 Discuss at next meeting         
3.  Landscape area around sheds. Consider trellis on side of sheds and at the back of the
              parking lot. Finish pavers
4.  Continue work on redoing the front beds along Switzer Canyon north including drip lines
5.  Add sandstone walkway between sidewalk on Switzer and Rose garden-between 
              birdhouse trellis and pine tree.
6.  Continue planting and create signs for the Michael Moore Native Medicinal Garden.
7.  Continue other fundraising activities with material on hand (note cards, jewelry, bricks,
Linda brought new earrings for fundraising and has already collected $90. One pair will be given to Joannie from Foxglove Gardening for all her help last year. Others will be sold at MG conferences, meetings, and ? We will not do a plant sale this summer. Extra plants will be available for dig up if anyone needs something.
            8.  Educational information updates
                          Update plant lists for individual gardens (Loni Shapiro)
                          Update general garden info sheet (Loni Shapiro) - done
                          Update donor list through 2012 (Loni Shapiro) - done
                          Revise map of garden to include new gardens & Switzer Canyon Beds (Linda
Loni reminded people these are done and available, including the donor book which is kept in the library of the house on the top shelf. If anyone wants to know about a donation info is kept there. The database is updated yearly and a copy is kept by Bobby at the office.
                          Complete yearly book for house on garden activities for 2012 and begin 2013 (Loni 
                          Shapiro) - done   circulated 
                          Revise Wish List Book (all gardeners contribute to this) – temporary done  - will be revisited when we return to the garden and see needs. One item suggested is new hose sprayers.

Regarding publicity:
Please note - Native Plant Society is not doing a contest this summer. They don't have anyone to help organize this, so we won't have an entry. I will be gone over labor day weekend so entry or a display will not be done at the county fair.
II.            Plans for orientation/possible group help - Next meetings agenda
                a.  Spoke at fall class – need to attend spring class
                b.  Orientation last week of April/1st week of May (Thurs. & Sat. – dates TBA)
                b.  Possible groups to schedule – Megan – Brandon – Loni
                     1.  Girls for Good
                     2.  Grand Canyon Youth - Loni
                     3.  High Schools – Coconino/Flag High/NPA
                     4.  NAU – Honors Class
                     5.  AmeriCorp/CREC - Loni
                     6.  Others as requested

III.           Schedule separate meeting for planning for Corner garden and shed area.-tentatively planned for March 14, 9a at the garden.
                Schedule Feb. meeting at office with NHPC staff
tentatively planned for February 21 - 9am

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