Gardens Founded in 2001 - Home in 2002

Echinacea - Photo by Laura Davis

The garden began in 2001 with the help of Norm Erickson, a Northland Hospice volunteer, at the corner of Switzer Canyon Drive and Turquoise. At that time the home had not been completed but a beautiful sign was placed on the corner. Norm continued to work on the beds on the east side of the sidewalk along Switzer Canyon Drive and in front of the home, until 2008. The rest of the gardens were developed by a core of Coconino County Master Gardeners initially led by Laura Davis and since 2007 by Loni Shapiro.

The garden crew is active from April-October and sometimes in November weather permitting. Work happens weekly throughout the garden season on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. It also is scheduled for one Saturday a month from April through October. Cancellations due to weather will be posted by 6:00 am of the workday on this blog. You must attend a spring orientation to the garden and Northland Hospice & Palliative Care in order to work. A summary of the work that has been done is included on the blog. Look for weekly postings on this blog during the garden season.

Volunteering in the Garden

2015 Calendar

April 13, 11:30-1:30 Lunch and orientation for new volunteers at hospice and TB testing for all

April 16, 9:15-10 TB tests read and 10:00 garden orientation. First Thursday workday 9-12

April 20, First Monday workday 9-12

May 2, Saturday workday 9-12

If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Please note: TB testing is required annually for all garden volunteers.

If you have current TB results that were done by a physician or at a hospital, these may be submitted to Northland Hospice.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact the volunteer coordinator Kathy Simmons ( to schedule a time for testing and orientation.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2nd Planning Meeting Minutes

Hospice Garden Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2012 9am-12pm

Attending: Diana Watt, Brandon Porter, Loni Shapiro, Karen Kent, Julie Holmes, Crys Wells, Linda Guarino, David Hockman, Judith Chaddock, Laura Davis, Nancy Palmer, Becky Lewis, Betty Marcus.

I. Updates
Diana Watt (CEO) and Brandon Porter (Fundraising & our volunteer coordinator) were introduced. Diana gave her history prior to arrival at Northland Hospice and also provided information on the FUTS trail happenings. The plan is as it was last year with the sidewalk completed to the corner and the trail beginning there. The city will work on the culvert and provide access over that area. They offered $1000 landscaping help as part of their budget for the corner garden repair. The board is reviewing the current plan and will vote at their next meeting. Northland Hospice hopes that they can finish the trail prior to the August for the 10 year celebration and honoring of Marilyn Pate. The city did not guarantee that it would be done this year due to other city projects on the agenda.
a. Volunteer hours for 2011. Requirements for 2012. Sign-ups for snacks as in 2011.
Volunteer hours circulated – over 1500 for 2011 and 150 additional for groups. Hours for 2012 will be recorded on paper in the book located at the garden rather than on-line for more accurate recording. If you come to the garden on your own the book will be located in the large plastic workbench next to the rain barrel on the back porch. Please record in this book – individual sheets will not work for accurate info.
b. Finances for 2012
Loni reviewed the details of income/expenses for 2011 (details in Garden Development Book for 2012)
c. Earrings
We have already sold over $300 worth of earrings and Linda has spent about $25 in costs for making. We will try to grow more seeds this year so more can be made. The remaining will most likely be sold at our annual Plant and Garden Sale.
d. FUTS trail update (see above)
d. Garden planning meeting results
A small committee met to discuss the redo of the corner garden as well as the front of the house south bed. Loni reviewed the new plants (a drawing with detail is in the Garden Detail Book) and removals. Emphasis on both is for draught tolerant plants. Trellises for the front were discussed and OKed if not directly up against the house. A purple clematis that may be purchased was circulated. Whitey was advised of plans for the year for the front garden. The corner gardens will be worked on for weed removal but the garden will not be done until the FUTS trail is in.

e. Watering indoors
Karen offered to do the indoor watering for March, so others are freed up for the winter. All approved. Loni will provide her with labels for room plants, which frequently disappear.
f. Container Gardening class – Saturday, May 19 – 9am-12pm
Loni will do her annual Container Gardening class for the garden budget this year. Brandon was provided with the dates and will do some advertising. Loni will advertise with the CMGA (blog and listserv). The class will be held on May 19 from 9am-12pm. The first part of the class will be at the Northland Office and the 2nd in the garden planting. Fee will be $25, and participants can take a plant home with them.
g. Brick and rose for Lois
Collect thus far ($120). A brick will be purchased and a rose called Ketchup and Mustard. Loni sent a card from the volunteers to her daughter who is a master gardener. She was advised that when the brick comes in they are welcome to come to the placement.

The brick will read:
Remembering Lois Steves
“Belle” of the Garden
Volunteer Gardeners
Olivia White Home
h. Goals for 2012
*1. Plant seedlings in the spring in the newly fitted greenhouse. Plant more jobs tears, herbs,veggies. Add a tile floor? Any volunteers interested in helping to plant seed trays?
Loni will be planting some seeds in the greenhouse in March. She will send out an e-mail to solicit help in getting them done. She also has ordered a share of the CSA for her own garden, and will share some of those with OW.
*2. Set up new chair swing – enlarge pad in back of home. Do we want it in front of the home?
Update from director and house managers.
The new chair swing will be set up in the back of the house on the pad that currently has a bench that is no longer safe. The Berman’s have been advised that it would probably be removed this season. David will need to enlarge the pad to fit the glider. Once assembled Loni will work with Kellie & Whitney to develop a sign for safety with this swing.
It will be used for family, and residents that are walking.
3. Regular workdays 2 days a week – Monday & Thursday with 1 Saturday a month if help available
4. Continue work on redoing the front beds including drip lines
Focus on bed directly in front of the house this year (north)
5. Continue planting and create signs for the Michael Moore Native Medicinal Garden
*6. Hold a 3rd Annual Plant and Garden Sale with the goal of adding to the sustainability of the garden (more rainwater collection) and new outside table/umbrella and or arbor for MMG
Dates for Run June 23 (Sat.) – should we do sale on Sunday the 24th 11am-2pm?
Due to parking problems on Sunday at the church the idea of a Sunday sale was nixed. The group decided on Saturday from 11-2pm. After speaking with Brandon this would not work well for him. He and Loni will come up with an alternate idea.
7. Continue other fundraising activities (note cards, jewelry, sachets, bricks, Warner’s)
8. Enter the Native Plant Contest (front ½ circle, MMG?)
9. County Fair Display but no entries
*10. Work with the city on revising the corner garden with the new FUTS trail and sidewalk with goal completion by September - 10th Anniversary
Revisions in city plan. Anniversary will be mid-end of August. We need to redo corner garden prior. See above
11. Continue articles for the Daily Sun and the blog (add article on bulbs and MMG for newspaper)
*12. Update educational materials
Look at seasonal scavenger hunts (new Master Gardener?)
Work on a new master gardener to do this!
Update plant lists for individual garden (Loni Shapiro) - done
Update general garden info sheet (Loni Shapiro) – done
Update donor list through 2011 (Loni Shapiro) – done
Revise map of garden to include new gardens & Switzer Canyon Beds (Linda Guarino)
Complete yearly book for house on garden activities for 2011 (done) and begin 2012 (Loni Shapiro – need garden photos)
*Revise Wish List Book (all gardeners contribute to this)
Any new additions?
No additions added at this time. Laura and Nancy working on a photo for an arbor. Dave Hill has offered to contribute to the garden again. Loni will talk with him about a patio set (non glass table).
13. Continue to look for bench/glider donors

II. Plans for orientations/groups
a. New Master Gardeners – requirements (Loni will schedule a talk for spring MG class)
2 new seasonal gardeners
Must attend one of 2 orientations (Thursday, April 19/Saturday, May 5)
Must work a minimum of 25 hours
Needs to select a project to work on – composting, vegetables, educational materials,Summer Plant Sale, the Michael Moore Garden, or display for county fair
Drop-ins are welcome on Monday or 1 Saturday a month. Must also attend one of the orientations.
Loni will contact Hattie to schedule a talk at the MG class. The orientations will happen on 4/19 & 5/5.

b. Groups – previous groups (AmeriCorp/Coconino-Flag High-NPA/CREC and consider any other requests if volunteer supervisors available.
Loni will see if we can use Coconino High for a weeding workday for the corner. They usually come in May. Other workdays may be needed for this project. We don’t want to do it too early as the FUTS trail may happen and why weed an area they will be digging up.

III. Schedule next meeting in March.
A meeting will be scheduled later for March. Brandon will come up with a date (possibly the 3rd week of March) to help stuff envelopes for the Spring garden related mailout. Misti Warner provided 500 seed packets as a donation for this fundraiser.
Work on seed packets, sachets, repotting some donated plants.
Crys, Karen, and Julie worked on setting up a transplant for the begonia. Karen will do this as part of her indoor watering day. Julie transplanted Swedish ivy for 2 of the rooms. Loni provided Karen with labels for those plants.
Loni and Linda did 2 lavender wreaths (may use for bathrooms at the house).
Betty finished the white hollyhock seed packets.
Laura & Nancy met to discuss the MMG. Laura provided a packet for the Garden Detail Book that can be used as a resource for garden visitors, and the summer Native Plant Contest. She is working on a list of plants that Sheila Murray from the Arboretum can help us find this summer.

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