Gardens Founded in 2001 - Home in 2002

Echinacea - Photo by Laura Davis

The garden began in 2001 with the help of Norm Erickson, a Northland Hospice volunteer, at the corner of Switzer Canyon Drive and Turquoise. At that time the home had not been completed but a beautiful sign was placed on the corner. Norm continued to work on the beds on the east side of the sidewalk along Switzer Canyon Drive and in front of the home, until 2008. The rest of the gardens were developed by a core of Coconino County Master Gardeners initially led by Laura Davis and since 2007 by Loni Shapiro.

The garden crew is active from April-October and sometimes in November weather permitting. Work happens weekly throughout the garden season on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. It also is scheduled for one Saturday a month from April through October. Cancellations due to weather will be posted by 6:00 am of the workday on this blog. You must attend a spring orientation to the garden and Northland Hospice & Palliative Care in order to work. A summary of the work that has been done is included on the blog. Look for weekly postings on this blog during the garden season.

Volunteering in the Garden

2015 Calendar

April 13, 11:30-1:30 Lunch and orientation for new volunteers at hospice and TB testing for all

April 16, 9:15-10 TB tests read and 10:00 garden orientation. First Thursday workday 9-12

April 20, First Monday workday 9-12

May 2, Saturday workday 9-12

If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Please note: TB testing is required annually for all garden volunteers.

If you have current TB results that were done by a physician or at a hospital, these may be submitted to Northland Hospice.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact the volunteer coordinator Kathy Simmons ( to schedule a time for testing and orientation.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Goals & Accomplishments for the 2011 Garden Season

Olivia WhiteHospice Garden

Usual garden maintenance (bringing out hardscape, weeding, watering, planting (annualsand lost perennials), repairing and adding drip lines, repairing walkways,general garden maintenance, composting, harvesting vegetable for the home). Add a 2nd weekday workday (Mon.& and Thurs. and 1 Saturday a month).
1.Dugup a 100 year old tree from a former residents yard and moved it to the garden
2.Driplines repaired and added to 80% of east side of house, front ½ circle, and newplantings throughout the garden.
3.Allwalkways and pads repaired. The north walkway wasredesigned to accommodate the new shed, newpaver areas were added for Pet Memorials, shed entry, and compost areas.
4.Anew composter was added, chipper used regularly, and a small pathway was addedto the northand south compost area to prevent weeds from getting into the compost. 2additional composters were added atthe end of the season.
5.Produceharvested for the home included: tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, choi, broccoli, kohlrabi, potatoes, onions, leeks, peppers(variety), squash (variety), strawberries, and herbs.
6.Mondayadded as a regular workday and included Saturday workdays from April-Sept.
7.Continuedtree care – pruning, removal of Elm, and protecting from animal damage.

Orient mastergardener program and new volunteer gardeners, and provide education andopportunities for teaching
1.Orientation done for theMaster Gardener class, groups, tours, and individual new volunteers.
2.5Inservices done on workdays (General Orient, Composting, Tree Pruning, RosePruning, Michael Moore Garden) for volunteers.

Work at improvingthe front ½ Circle Garden
1.Springmeeting for planning – Red & Purple Meadow Garden
2.KayBalzer agreed to head up the re-design
3.Allplants except shrubs (juniper/dogwood) and crabapple tree remain.
Repottedfor summer plant sale, and to go back in the garden later
4.Loweredlevel of soil – this required creating elevated areas for the trees and shrubswith rock obtainedfrom a Kay’s property with the help of Jim Woods trailer
5.Added½ soil ½ compost to the beds fromLandscape Connection with Linda Guarino’s truck
6.Plantedwith transplants, old plants previously in the bed, donations, and purchasesfrom High Country Gardens and Warners.
7.Addeddrip lines from main line
8.Addedrock mulch from Landscape Connection with Linda’s truck
9.Movedone of the juniper to another bed
10.Addedsome transplants from the pots in front of the home
11.Added replacement plants from High Country Gardens to area where juniper removed

Add a small newgarden for Zane Hill – former therapy dog
1.Rockgathered from Switzer Canyon in April during the Flagstaff Leadership Group day
2.Dugup soil area and lined with rock – added compost and soil
3.Addedpet stone, water dish, and a small trellis
4.Dedicatedgarden in May with a Celebration of Life
Planteda dogwood
PlacedZane’s brick
5.Remainderof plants were transplants and purchases from Warners and High Country Gardens andplanted in June
6.Addeddrip lines
7.Added golden bulbs in the fall

Begin work onhardscape and planting in the Michael Moore Native Medicinal Garden
1.Planningin the spring with a small committee of volunteers
2.Majorworkday with the Flagstaff Leadership Group
Removedremaining shrubs and non-native plants (potted for sale)
Putin one of the sandstone walkways
3.Manyloads of soil/compost hauled by Linda Guarino and Joe Harte
4.Beganplanting in June and continued as plants available
Someplants purchased from Native Plant and Seed, others brought from Colorado, someseeded, some transplanted from other parts of the garden
5.Volunteercrew placed 2nd walkway
6.Beganhardscaping 3rd bed
7.Weedcloth placed in several parts of the garden prior to planting
8.Somesigns added
9.Createda temporary info sheet and plant list
10.Beganwork on plant lists for visitors to include medicinal uses

Work on improvingstorage and safety in the garden, and adding additional hardscape
1.A 2page orientation to the garden created for seasonal gardeners, and a 1 page forone day volunteers.
2.Assembled turning composter
3.Assembled2 arbors and fencing for a new garden entry
4.Replacedmailbox for house and cemented in
5.Movedone shed (disassemble and reassemble)
6.Assembleda 2nd large shed including creating a platform for it
Requiredmoving and recreating the back walkway
Addedpaving entrances to both sheds
7.Addedshelving to the greenhouse for use in the spring
8.Reorganizedsheds once completed and added entry walkways
9.AddedPet Memorial paver area
10.Assembleda new Grass Hog and cleared weeds in the compost area. Added 2 walkways in front and behind area.
11.Assembled2 new composters
Add and revise Educationalitems for visitors, residents, and volunteers
1.Signon back patio with:
Foodavailable to pick
What’snew in the garden?
2.Revisedgeneral Info about the entire garden, the individual garden plant lists, anddonors
3.Continuedto add new signs for plants throughout the garden

Continue toschedule group workdays
Regular crew of master gardeners and hospice volunteers (18regulars and 8 new seasonal volunteers)
FlagstaffLeadership Group (18)
FlagstaffHigh Honor Society (13 )
NorhlandPrep Academy (13 )

1.1article for the Master Gardener Column on Horticultural Therapy vs. TherapeuticHorticulture
2.Enteredthe Native Plant Society Garden Contest – won 2 awards and had tours of thegarden
BestColor Burst Garden – Rock Garden – Linda Guarino
BestTheme – Light in the Darkness – Moon Garden – Loni Shapiro
3.Toursfor special groups
Arboretumdocents and staff
SeniorCompanion/Foster Grandparent Program
FlagstaffGarden Club
NativePlant Society Garden Tours
4.CoconinoCounty Fair Display and entries
7blue ribbons, 10 red, 3 white – 1 Special Award
5.1photo in the 2011 Master Gardener Calendar
6.Continuedthe blog for weekly updates on the garden and added record keeping forvolunteer (
7. Newspaperarticles done by Dana Prom Smith:

1.Cards,bookmarks, and bricks for gazebo
2.FlagstaffLeadership Group Fundraiser (over $1100)
3.Plantand Garden Sale in June (over $1100)
4.Annual10% Day at Warner’s (over $1300)
5.WishList Book Donations
Arborsand fencing for garden entrance – Dave and Terri Hill
Weedwhacker s Montoyas & Ulberstines
Otheritems donated (see attached for detailed
6.Received a $500 grant from theBountiful Harvest Foundation to create a garden for MichaelMoore (naturalist)

Goals for 2012
1.Plant seedlings in the springin the newly fitted greenhouse
Lookat adding a tile floor
2.Regular workdays 2 days a week– Monday & Thursday with 1 Saturday a month if help available.
3.Continue work on redoing thefront beds including drip lines
4.Continue planting and createsigns for the Michael Moore Native Medicinal Garden
*5.Holda 3nd Annual Plant and Garden Sale with the goal of adding to thesustainability of the garden (more rainwater collection) and new outside table and umbrella
6.Continueother fundraising activities (note cards, bricks, Warners)
7.Enterthe Native Plant Contest (front ½ circle, MMG?)
8.CountyFair Display
*9.Workwith the city on revising the corner garden with the new FUTS trail andsidewalk with goalof completion by the fall September 10th Anniversary
10.Continue articles for the Daily Sun and the blog
11.Updateeducational materials
Lookat seasonal scavenger hunts
Updateplant lists for individual garden
Updategeneral garden info – map revisions if help found for this
Completeyearly book for house on garden activities for 2012
Update garden map to include new gardens and north Switzer Canyon Beds.
ReviseWish List Book
12.Continue to look forbench/glider donors

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