Gardens Founded in 2001 - Home in 2002

Echinacea - Photo by Laura Davis

The garden began in 2001 with the help of Norm Erickson, a Northland Hospice volunteer, at the corner of Switzer Canyon Drive and Turquoise. At that time the home had not been completed but a beautiful sign was placed on the corner. Norm continued to work on the beds on the east side of the sidewalk along Switzer Canyon Drive and in front of the home, until 2008. The rest of the gardens were developed by a core of Coconino County Master Gardeners initially led by Laura Davis and since 2007 by Loni Shapiro.

The garden crew is active from April-October and sometimes in November weather permitting. Work happens weekly throughout the garden season on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. It also is scheduled for one Saturday a month from April through October. Cancellations due to weather will be posted by 6:00 am of the workday on this blog. You must attend a spring orientation to the garden and Northland Hospice & Palliative Care in order to work. A summary of the work that has been done is included on the blog. Look for weekly postings on this blog during the garden season.

Volunteering in the Garden

2015 Calendar

April 13, 11:30-1:30 Lunch and orientation for new volunteers at hospice and TB testing for all

April 16, 9:15-10 TB tests read and 10:00 garden orientation. First Thursday workday 9-12

April 20, First Monday workday 9-12

May 2, Saturday workday 9-12

If you are interested in volunteering, please email

Please note: TB testing is required annually for all garden volunteers.

If you have current TB results that were done by a physician or at a hospital, these may be submitted to Northland Hospice.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact the volunteer coordinator Kathy Simmons ( to schedule a time for testing and orientation.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garden Workday 9/16/10

The warm dry weather continues, with the need to water frequently. We had a small crew in the garden today but managed to get many things done. Laura Davis spent some time with Dave Hill and the bench builders for the new garden. The malapai and sandstone bench will be built next week by Aggassiz Landscaping. She also helped David Hockman get a potted burning bush in the ground, repaired an old trellis and placed it in the ground. David had to do delicate surgery to get the applewood trellis back together before placing it.

Becky Lewis continued to cut iris, and helped Kay Balzer get some of our less frost tolerant plants in the sunroom (geraniums (regular and scented) and rosemary).

Kay and Becky. Photo by Loni Shapiro.

They also organized the room with a beautiful display for the winter. Cynthia Katte took care of the fountain and the compost, and then spent time deadheading. We had a new master gardener volunteer Shelomith Watson who spent her time weeding, and digging up some iris for her children's school garden. I spent my time weeding and feeding/watering the birds.

New in the garden:
Return of the applewood trellis
A burning bush
Many of our less frost tolerant plants moved into the sunroom inside the house.

September happenings:
Regular Thursday workdays from 8am-12pm
Fall Harvest Lunch - September 30th - 1130am/1pm

October happenings:
Annual bulb planting - Saturday, October 23, 9am-12pm

Plans for next week include weeding along Switzer Canyon Drive and adding some much needed compost to some of our first beds along the back of the house. We still have iris to thin and clean-up and deadheading. Last of all we will begin seed collection for our give-away seed packet.

From David Wann's the Zen of Gardening

"The knowledge you harvest from the garden is eventually stored in some root cellar or freezer in your brain, and as a garden writer, you pull it out when you need it. But the fact is, you first gather the information with your hands and your senses. Gardening, like sex, is hands-on."


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